May 3, 2010

Eugene NIKE 2012 standouts

The Eugene NIKE Camp held Sunday at the Autzen Complex featured the best of the northwest football talent for the Class of 2011, the current crop of recruits being actively pursued by colleges for the upcoming signing class. While the seniors-to-be were a solid group, a number of members of the 2012 class were also impressive at the combine.

Trying to evaluate the talent at football camps in a few hours is tricky business. With hundreds of players divided into large position groups in multiple locations, it can be a daunting task trying to identify the standouts in each group. This can be particularly difficult when all the players are the best from their region in an invitation-only event like Sunday's Eugene NIKE event.

Nonetheless, that is exactly the task Duck Sports Authority assigned itself for the 2010 NIKE Camp. We attempted to view the camp with a clean slate and an open mind, keeping notes on players based on their assigned number, then looking up their name afterward without discussing the individuals with other analysts.

The below list represents the players who caught Duck Sports Authority's notice as players who were amongst the best at the camp, and are all members of the Class of 2012.

WR Trent Sewell O'Dea High School Seattle

Sewell has the type of length many D-1 programs are looking for, and the body-type that can add some weight but maintain quickness. Sunday he also showed that he has plenty of speed to go along with it. Has the potential to be a very good player as he develops his route-running.

WR Nicholas Rothstein Jesuit High School Portland

Rothstein doesn't have the prototypical length of the type of recruits the Ducks pursue, but has the other elements you look for, as well as some intangibles. Exhibited good acceleration and hands, showed good feet in his routes. Was particularly vocal in a positive way with his temporary teammates.

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