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Eisenhower and Ferris Live on WSN: Game Break Down
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Game Breakdown: Ferris @ Eisenhower
Ferris Saxons (8-1)
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Coming off huge wins versus Wenatchee, and Kamiakin, they will be facing their toughest task against an undefeated Eisenhower. Led by WSU commit Connor Holliday, Ferris has one of the best quarterbacks in the state behind Skyline and BYU headed Jake Heaps.
QB: Connor Halliday has lit up about every defense he has faced this year. What stands out is not only the 32tds he has thrown, but also the pinpoint accuracy completing over 65% of his passes on 342 attempts.
RB: Ferris has a host of runners that touch the ball but their leading rusher is Gage Orosco. He is not only dangerous on the ground but he had 4 catches for 142 yards and 1 touchdown versus Kamiakin. He had a 6.9 rushing average during the regular season, he is a homerun threat every time he touches the ball.
WR: Jason Bates is as sure handed as they come in the state. He found the house 17 times and caught 84 passes letting everyone know he doesn't't just catch touchdowns. He had 6 receptions 59 yards and 3 tds versus Wenatchee.
OL: From the tape we have watched Ferris has a stellar offensive line. They give Connor Holliday the time he needs to put up big passing yards and they are very fast on screenplays.
Defense: This year Ferris has given up a total of 2030 rushing yards and 18tds on the ground. They have had 3 teams rush over 300 yards in a single game against them and 1 of those was for over 400 yards. Wenatchee rushed for over 316 yards but only scored 1 touchdown against Ferris. Perhaps it was the 7 turnovers that Wenatchee gave up that only allowed them to score 1 touchdown.
Eisenhower Cadets (11-0)
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Ike is led by the electric senior running back Joe Fuerst and James Lopez is coming off the best passing performance of the year by any quarterback versus Southridge. Eisenhower's defense will be the key to this match up and whether or not they can keep Ferris's explosive offense off the field.
QB: James Lopez has done something we had yet to see and that is to stare into the face of the beast and smile. Lopez was pressured time after time against the Southridge defense, and every time he stood tall in the pocket, and delivered accurate passes while taking hits. Now keep in mind this is a Southridge defense that had only given up 61 points during the regular season and almost half of those were to Wenatchee. He has quietly passed for 1669 passing yards and 15 td passes.
RB: Joe Fuerst is a powerhouse of a running back, that welcomes contact and runs straight ahead. He has one of the quickest first steps in the state and can break any run for a touchdown. This year Joe has compiled 1623 yards and 19 touchdowns.
WR: Antonio Martinez abused Southridge's defensive backs with his great route running and sure hands. This year Antonio had an amazing 25.1 ypc average and 10 touchdown catches.
OL: Led by Abel Soto this O-line has allowed Fuerst to retain a 6.9 ypc average. They love to run downhill and they love to play physical. They were able to push around Southridge's defensive front like no one has done this year.
Defense: Led by Big Time LB Seth Kline the Cadets were able to put a lot of pressure on Southridge's Stephen Garcia. The one weakness for Eisenhower is the strength of Ferris. The Cadets have shown that they can give up a lot of passing yards, and can get complacent in the 2nd half of games, by letting their last 2 opponents almost come back and beat them.
Game Prediction:
The Cadet coaches need to throw some blitz packages at Halliday, so he does not get comfortable in the pocket. The defensive line needs to be able to recognize screen plays, because the Saxons will use them. On offense, if the Cadets keep their running game up, they can do a lot of damage to the Saxons.
Last weekend the Suns did a pretty good job in the passing game, so if the Saxons are effective with the passing like they have been the offense is going to roll. The screen plays shouldn't be too effective against the Cadets, because their middle linebackers are pretty good at staying home.
On Defense the Saxons need to stop Joe Fuerst. The Cadets rely on a lot of play action, so take away the run and the play action shouldn't be too effective.
The WSN crew feels the running game is too strong for the Saxons to stop, they will move the ball and chew up clock, and the Defense should be able to get to Halliday.
28-21 Cadets