Just a Report! We had Hundreds of Tweets and scores updated and within a few hours we were able to get a lot of people in on the gig and update scores more effectively and quickly the anyone else was able to do. This was a success and we had some fun doing it. Look for more score mashup's and Prep Chats in the Future and check out the Forums here at which are free to any and all that want in on them!! Thanks again and lets go!!
The Play-offs are in full swing. Scores and updates are here and there and tough
to find. So here is the Great NW Social Media Experiment.
Can we track as a group scores and information better then any on media outlet
can on their own? It is a fair question. What if we could add Photos, Chat, and
Tweets right in the stream? Well, that would be cool too.
So here we go! Join our Live Chat and post your scores right here as they happen.
Tonight we are asking anyone that can TWEET to post the scores of the games they
are at through their Twitter Account.
Use the tag: #wafbscores for Washington Scores and #orfbscores
for Oregon Scores. Just type those letters with the # in front of them and your
scores will be posted right here at our site. Those of you with iPhones, Android
Phones, and The Twitter APP can send pics and Video with your Tweets. Let's take
advantage of the technology and make it work for us. Think of the possibilities!
For all the rest of you, drop in and say 'Hi', post your thoughts, or update scores
as well.
This should be a fun and interactive experiment. Let me know what you think
and thanks to Manny Malito at
and to Chris Ames at
for helping me put this together on short notice while I was out in the field
at a game tonight.
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