Message to Matthew: Raise 7 As we Head into the Holiday

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Hey Matthew and Crew...
As the holiday approaches we are all thinking about you more and more. Some new developments today. The website has been moved to allow people that are non-face Book fans to see your story and join in the efforts at Anyone can now see what is up over there at
Now here is something that will connect all of use forever on line at least. Two cool Videos that I made using the pictures we are all collecting up. They tell your story and what we are trying to do to help you. One is shorter and one longer. The shorter one is featuring an 18 year old kid named Ryan Carpenter who actually used to play on my youth team. He has been spending all his time the last few years teaching himself to play guitar and sing and I think he is getting quite good. The song on this is called Cortez Gold. The words say "We're winning life's for tomorrow" and at another point he sings "All you need is saving...all you need is some love". Well we are here to send as much love your way as possible pal. With you doctors and your unbelievable family and all your friends and all of us we will sure try to get you ll we can and be there for you no matter what. I mean that.
Here is the short version:
Here is a second and more complete Version of the same video but with more pictures and a great tune from the Friday Night Lights soundtrack.
Full Version: Watch Here
Now we have raised about $1,100 dollars for you and I was hoping to see you this Sunday for a few minutes if you can visit with me. I am really wanting to sit with you for a few minutes and bring with me all the energy that we are gaining and that people have given to Raise 7 For Matthew.
This weekend at the Tacoma Dome and on many other fields people are going to Raise 7 For Matthew. They are going to be there for you paying tribute to the sacrifice you made and all you are suffering through. We will have people at the Apple Cup, at Boise State, at several fields at the College level. All of them thinking of you and your family and how much we all have to appreciate what we all have.
Matthew we want you to get better. So you hang tough. I only know a little but having been in a Hospital for a long time before I know what you guys are going through. Getting you better and home is the #1 priority. Hang on Pal. Be Strong. Easy words for me to say...much harder for you to do but I know you can. You know how to do that.
Take care Matthew and may God speed you recovery and allow you some peace and relief in this process as soon as possible. Happy Thanksgiving Newman Family from us all.
Love you guys and look forward to seeing you. If there is something that can help you pass the time (Lap Top, PS 3, PSP, I Phone) let me know and we will deliver it on the spot!
Dirk Knudsen
Keeper of the Flame