Raising Seven For Matthew Goes National This Week

In one of the best sports stories of the year we see the rise of an athlete. Another in the long line of great athletes from the Pacific Northwest making their mark. He is big time. People are talking.
In some circles he is more talked about then even the guys still playing for the gold ball. But you see he isn't on the field anymore. He is not even on his feet anymore.
His story as a QB ended in early September on the football field. That was the game where he walked onto the grid iron a capable and confident 16 year old Junior at Highland High in Cowiche, Washington. That was also the game he left as a 16 year old kid fighting for his life.
Hours later he would have a significant portion of his skull removed to save his life. A life that is so very special and yet will be changed forever. The subject of our story is 17 year old Matthew Newman.
Matthew is now, ten weeks later, at the Seattle Children's Hospital. He is trying to find his way back home to his family and friends. Medically he is a miracle. This three sport farm kid is fighting to get better. So is his family. It is going to be a battle and that is minimizing it.
We have found a way to help. You...there at home or the office... reading this story can help. The "Raise 7 For Matthew Campaign" is a support movement founded in the hearts of a few of us and started and promoted on Face Book and Social Media sites.
To date we have over 1,000 fans online following Matthew's Story. The website is
and the family has a blog where his information and a guest book is at with Go here to access that great site.
Caring Bridge Site for Matthew
It is enough to say for now that helping this guy has been an amazing ride. He or his family did not ask for this and we do not know them at all. As of last weekend the concept of Raising 7 (two thumbs and five fingers)has spread across the NW and even to the East Coast. It is happening at Oregon and Washington Football Games and a lot of people Raised 7 in the Tacoma Dome and on play off fields around Oregon Last week.
We might get Matthew's Message into the Civil War this week! People like Mark Rypien, the great Washington Cougar and Redskins Super Bowl MVP, are lending support.
Soon the Seahawks are getting involved. Pictures are starting to come in from all around the country of people Raising 7 to pay honor and respect to the kid that gave his all to this great game and his team.
So this week as you go out to a game, or to meet family and friends, Raise 7 For Matthew. Together our thoughts and Prayers and positive energy and pictures can help. We will help him get better. You can donate money or something cool to the cause. Post your pictures to the Face Book or Web site.
Join the Face Book Page by searching "Raise 7 For Matthew" and joining our Fan Page. Email me at anytime. Get involved, roll up your sleeves, and help.
Watch this footage from Last weekend and you will see why this is such a great thing indeed. This is well worth a look!
Lastly if there is anything you want to offer just contact us! We are glad to hear your suggestions or thoughts and appreciate the help! Matthew is an awesome kid and this is a fun and worthwhile thing we are doing!
Thanks to the Nooksack Valley Pioneers, the Liberty Patriots, the Bothell Cougars, the Hillsboro Spartans, and the West Salem Titans for your help in getting Raise 7 For Matthew out there. Thanks to as well to Anthony DeMatteo for representing Skyline High in this effort. And thanks to the 1,000 plus fans at Facebook who are the energy driving this bus. Keep it all going!