Tony Picard Of White Swan The Biggest In The US

Folks there are big kids and there are big kids. And boy have we seen some Monsters coming out of the Northwest Lately. But this one right here might just take the cake.
White Swan is a small school in the Simcoe / Cascade Mountains on the Yakima Indian Reservation. The Cougars are a 2B team. Small town and small school football for sure. But that does not mean they are not up to really big things.
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Tony Picard is 6’4″ and 400 lbs. At tiny White Swan HS he is the biggest running back in the United States!
The Cougars are having quite a season and are playing well as a team. They may be able to make another good play off run.
One of the reasons for that success is a really big one. His name is Tony Picard. And he is a running back for White Swan.
Tony is a mammoth 6’4″-400 lbs and is the biggest running back in the United States at any level. He is part Umatilla-Nez Perce Indian and says he has some Sioux Indian blood too. He plays nose guard as well as Running back.
Such a big kid has to have a nick-name right?
“They call me Big Tone,” he offered.
The pictures tell the tale. He is heavy sure but the kid is also athletic and it is taking several players to bring him down. Tony has rushed for over 700 yards and has a boatload of Touchdowns; 15 to be exact.
“Yes … I do have a lot of fun! Football is a way a life for me it’s in my blood and it takes quite a few to bring me down,” said Tony.
The Cougars use a number of offensive weapons and he is biggest one. In fact he would be the biggest weapon in the NFL or NCAA too. He and the Cougars are wrapping up the season tonight and have the State Title in mind.
“We have been to the playoffs since my Sophomore year and we are looking forward to that again this season.”
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Tony is not someone you want to take on yourself on defense!
What about College Football? Is that something he wants to pursue? You Bet!
“Yeah I want to play college football it is my dream…I hope I can go the next level,” Tony replied.
Ok so let’s be honest. He is so big it can be viewed as a blessing and as a curse. Has that been a factor for him?
“People say that (too big) but I try not to let it get to me.”
Great attitude. Tony is one of the true big men that has had a shot to take that rock over the goal line and celebrate and bask in the glory of a Touchdown. Does the big man have a TD Celebration Dance?
“No it’s fine and no I just score and take care of business no celebration until I have that state trophy in my hands.”
He plays beside his younger brother who he credits for being a big part of the success of this team who compete in the WIAA 2B Division for smaller schools. Albert is 5’8″ and 155 lbs. Quite a tandem those kids make!
Despite all the “naming” controversy for teams using Indian and other names Tony is not even phased. He has not issues with it at all and understands the naming is meant as a source of strength and power much like my own heritage being used; the Viking. Smart minded politically savvy young guy here!
Tony says he is an easy going big man and that he enjoys getting along with everyone! What a terrific kid to get to know; we love a good story and a good big man. And Tony is sure and example of one of those!
We wish the White Swan Cougars safe travels and much success in the weeks ahead and hope they and Tony have many games left to play!