Top Football Recruits Heading Into Signing Day

WAR Room 2013 - The Best Of The NW
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In our attempts to keep up with the growing numbers of athletes moving from the Prep Football Ranks into the Collegiate ranks on scholarships we bring you the War Room 2013.
  The increase in the number of kids making it on to Colleg from Oregon and Washington has been astounding!  In the 8 years we have been at this task we have seen the numbers increase by as much as 400%.  Our goals have been met.  Tell the story of these top teams and players and help get them to college.  As the first group to ever do this our guys at are to be commended.   Now approaching 4,500 stories and write ups the wave of talent is crashing over the Rockies and making it all the way to the East Coast!
Again in case your just tuning in there is no Rankings on this list in terms of someone being "Elite" over someone else.  These are all recruited athletes and they all have offers or options to move on to play in College.  The talent works itself out ever year.   College Coaches across the Nation received this list updated 3 times this month; a total of 1,400 Head Coaches at every program at ever level.  No charge and no fees at all.  Just a service we provide to show our best athletes directly to the decision makers.
PLEASE SEND IN YOUR NEWS AND KIDS TO ADD!    Simple Fill in the form at this link the best you can!
Now On to the War Room- a Look at the Best Recruits Of 2013